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Unlike in the past, inaccurate and incorrectly chosen corporate governance today often can complicate the creation of the right conditions for business growth. To know exactly what’s going on inside your company, you need to have a clear understanding of operations, business analytics, employee productivity, and other company performance. With real-time information, you will be able to see trends, draw sound conclusions, react to changes in the market quickly and notice opportunities in a timely manner. Sounds too good to be true? Good news it's real! The technology revolution has opened up limitless possibilities, and the job of Adisoft's professionals is to make sure your business takes advantage of them.


When implementing and adapting a technologically advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, we first answer the question of how a particular system can benefit a business as well as how it can change existing efficiency indicators and business processes. In performing such analysis, we dive deep into the essence of the problems, therefore, we offer only effective and worthwile solutions. Modern IT solutions, advanced software and process optimization are essential in solving the problems of human resources, productivity, logistics, supply chain and profitability in the business.

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Implementation of CRM (Customer Management System) 

Customer management system (CRM) is not an advantage, but a necessity in any business. A state-of-the-art CRM system allows you to take care of customers privacy policies, fully manage user data, and use it to drive sales, plan advertising, and analyze customer behaviour.

With the help of this system, you will be able to monitor the correlation of marketing actions and sales, the peculiarities of customer relations, purchasing habits, their feedback on your activities and other user information. We offer intelligent CRM systems for your company's internal and external needs.

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Implementation of Business Management Systems. 

Business management systems (BMS) cover all business processes of a company: not only conveniently manage financial and supply chains, projects and individual tasks, but also monitor inventory balances, optimize sales and marketing processes, generate and send reports.

With an advanced business management system, your logistics and supply chain management will finally become simple and intuitive.

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EDI Data Exchange. 

Whether you run a large company or a small business, electronic data exchange will turn your daily headaches into autonomous and precisely controlled processes. Professional EDI (Electronic Data Intercharge) solutions will free you from your routine business problems, so you can focus on what is important for the growth of your business.

Smaller businesses with limited resources strive to save by automating ordering processes, while large companies, where day-to-day operations require far more resources, invest in automation for business efficiency.


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