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Whether you run an online store or have a representative business website, effective online advertising makes your business visible to others. And not only that! In today's competitive environment, it's not easy to stand out, so success in this digital age depends on the competitive advantage that targeted online advertising tools can provide. Our programmers and online marketing specialists create strategically focused advertising plans for SEO services and Google Ads and make sure that online advertising translates into a return on your investment, a growing customer base, and growing brand awareness.


How does it all work? First we perform a detailed SEO analysis, during which we examine the code of the existing website. When we find obsolete elements in a website, we refine them and adapt them to the latest criteria of Google and other search engine algorithms. We analyze keywords, compile a list of them, and assign them to internal pages on your site. Immediately after that, we move on to the work of targeted internal and external SEO optimization, Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram ads and content strategy.

There are many ways to reach the target customer, but the right choice of contextual advertising today creates the greatest added value for businesses. When creating advertising campaigns, tools such as Google display, and others will help you achieve your company’s online marketing goals, and Addisoft’s team of Google specialists will make online advertising a significant turning point for your business!

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SEO services. 

Internal SEO improves the internal structure, content and information of the website. Thanks to it, users are purposefully brought to your website, can quickly understand it and easily find the information they were looking for. We always follow the latest Google trends when doing internal SEO optimization. When performing keyword analysis, we select targeted phrases that are relevant to the overall theme of the page and help you achieve a higher SEO ranking for your site. This increases traffic to your website and attracts targeted customers who are actually interested in your products or services.

The goal of external SEO optimization is to generate quality backlinks using keywords selected during the analysis. External SEO optimization is performed only after a complete internal SEO. External optimization attempts to maximize the number of backlinks to your site based on the keywords you select and the content of other similar sites.

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Google Ads. 

Once the optimization of your site is completed, we start creating advertising campaigns using Google Ads. Advertising on Google's search engine helps to further promote websites and make them even more visible. This is useful both for those who want to bring targeted customer traffic to a website and to increase brand awareness in the market. Google Ads is one of the most popular tools to gain a competitive edge in any field. Google Ads and Google Analytics is a specialized service for your needs, run by certified Adisoft specialists.
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Facebook and Instagram Ads. 

Both Facebook and Instagram social networks have ideal tools that help you connect with your customers and stay in touch with them.

Facebook advertising combined with Instagram advertising is an effective way to grow your business, Adisoft will help you engage your customers in the activities you want and present information about your products or services in an interesting, intriguing form that will convert into actual sales.

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Content strategy. 

Content strategy is no longer just about using individual keywords. Context is key for effective SEO. We will not only advise you on content management issues, but also develop an effective content strategy for your business.

We will help attract Internet users to your website, so you will be able to enjoy high organic traffic to your website from Google, Bing or Yandex search engines. Website content has never been more important, and our job is to make the content of your website one of the most important differentiating factors of your business!


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