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Visual design solutions as well as their professional and clear presentation is Adisoft's main mission. In the digital world, having a website is what allows business to really unfold. Whether it is an online store or a company website, Adisoft will make your website the perfect starting point for your business! In the digital world, quality website development is what allows business to unfold. Whether it’s an online store or a company website, Adisoft will make your website the perfect starting point for your business!

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Sąskaitų sistema

Invoice system

  • E-solution for online invoicing.
  • The system allows you to quickly and easily write and save invoices in PDF format as well as send them via email.
  • Unlimited number of invoices, possibility to monitor payments, send advance and recurring invoices.
  • Reporting and customer solvency monitoring.
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Pasiūlymų sistema

Offer system

  • E-solution for online contract and commercial offer preparation .
  • A convenient way to automatically generate contracts, their attachments, assign them to customers and send them as e-mails while also saving it in PDF format.
  • Ability to enter and monitor payments for approved contracts, assign different service rates depending on the customer.
  • Possibility to create custom contract templates;
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CRM sistema

CRM system

  • E-solution, a customer management system that can be configured according to your company's specific needs.
  • Possibility to install different modules for tracking and storing information. (Documents / Purchases / Logins, etc.)
  • This is a very convenient way to have all the information of the company in one place and, if needed, easily find it, manage the data, and use it to promote sales.
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Dokumentų valdymo sistema

Document management system

  • E-solution for online storage and management of documents.
  • A convenient way to store and organize documents that are important to you
  • The documents will be available whenever and wherever you need them - all you need is Internet access and a browser.
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Sandėlio valdymo sistema

Warehouse management system

  • E-solution for warehouse, sales, quotation and purchase management.
  • A convenient way to manage and see company processes and their efficiency
  • The system is available in a convenient place for you, integration with cash registers and other systems is possible.
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Sandėlio valdymo sistema

Išmaniųjų erdvių automatizavimo sistema

  • E-sprendimas, skirtas nuomojamų objektų, erdvių valdymui internete.
  • Patogus ir saugus būdas erdvių stebėjimui ir valdymui per nuotolį.
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